We offer people affected by flooding:

  • Free technical assistance to help you better understand the nature of your community's flood risks and potential solutions.
  • Introductions to major agencies and nonprofits who can help your community respond to flooding events. 
  • Regular webinars, training, and online guidance on ways to reduce your flood risks.
  • A monthly forum, via video conferencing, to share experiences with flood survivors from across the U.S. and get support and advice.
  • The nation's first video library of flooding footage.
  • Briefings on legislation and policies to help your community address flooding and climate resilience. 

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“It is amazing the support that we are really feeling from our neighbors! We are so excited looking ahead to our future and our ongoing efforts with Flood Forum USA and its affiliates.” 

Denise Ross, Lemmon Valley Flood Relief/Assistance, NV.