Find a Flood Forum

Flood Forums are typically set up spontaneously by flood survivors (businesses as well as individuals), volunteers and supporters. They are comprised of residents and businesses affected by, or at risk of flooding. By coming together in groups – sometimes only virtual, sometimes tangible – members support each other, sharing sympathy, ideas, strategies and practical solutions.

Please see the map below to find the Flood Forums that Flood Forum USA is currently working with. Most of these groups have Facebook groups that you can join. If you manage a group and would like to be listed, please contact us. We also help new groups get set up

Flood Forums can:

  • Act as a liaison to ensure that disaster relief is distributed fairly and that flood victims are engaged in shaping government plans to protect their communities.

  • Disseminate information, and coordinate donations and volunteer help.

  • Provide on the ground expertise to government on flooding: where it occurs, who is impacted and how.

  • Train flood watchers – residents who can alert relevant authorities about looming problems, such as blocked sewer drains, rising creeks, or debris in rivers that may cause or exacerbate overbank flooding.

  • Mobilize friends and neighbors to vote in support of effective programs, policies and legislation. 

  A sign from the Flood Forum, 'Ocean City, NJ Flooding'.

A sign from the Flood Forum, 'Ocean City, NJ Flooding'.