Lead a Flood Forum

Residents affected by flooding often believe themselves alone, not realizing their problems may be similar to their neighbor’s. Flood Forums are good ways for residents to document and vocalize problems, discuss causes and solutions, and engage with government and nonprofit organizations.

If you are interested in starting a Flood Forum, please see our factsheets on How to set up a Flood Resilience Group, and How to Get Politicians to do Things for You. You can also contact us to get support and advice. 

If you have information or experiences concerning flooding that you wish to share with other groups, please share them on SPOUT, our online community of flood survivors. Your experience and ideas can help us help your neighbors!


What makes a successful flood advocacy group? Helen Lekavich launched Floodlothian Five in 2013 after severe flooding affected homes in the Village of Midlothian, Illinois. They tell their story.