Flood Forum was launched in April 2017 by Anthropocene Alliance, a Chicago-based nonprofit. We want to help people hurt by environmental abuse and climate change – especially those already disadvantaged by poverty.


our mission

Our goal is to help people harmed by flooding from across the US get organized, heard and supported. We aim to help them: 1) envision a safe, prosperous and sustainable future; and 2) develop strategies for attaining it.

We do this by:

  • Acting as a strong and independent public advocate for the millions of people in the US affected by flooding. 

  • Helping communities form neighborhood Flood Groups that can work together to mitigate the impact of flooding and demand prevention. 

  • Acting as a liaison between Flood Groups and organizations with the skills and resources to help them: federal, state and local government and their agencies, trade associations, insurance companies, non-profits and businesses.

  • Representing Flood Groups in support of innovative research and trials of technologies, products, and services that reduce flood risks. 

Our focus is on sustainable solutions to that bring multiple benefits to communities, such as restoration of wetlands and forested areas; upgrading commercial corridors, parks and brownfield sites to manage stormwater; retrofitting homes to reduce flood risks and hold stormwater; investment in urban tree canopy; buying out private property in the floodplains, and strengthening workforce training.

FFUSA has engaged over 100 community Flood Groups across 30 states in the US, representing 200,000 people. Our Facebook group, SPOUT! has become a go-to, speak-out forum for up to date information about mitigation and flood relief efforts across the country.  

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